Yeah, I know. I've been super busy. I've actually started Ty's next block of classes, Heads and Hands.  SO, here is a recap of the rest of what I learned in the class.

I finished the rest of my homework before class 5. This was the day I was on the eve of being deathly ill. I hardly lasted the night.

First off, though, is the Swamp Thing I did. It's sort of a recap of texture, plants, water, and deadweight lines.

In class 5, we started with a smoke study.  I LOVE doing smoke. It gives me a happy.

After smoke came metal

And after metal was leather, which I didn't finish because I was starting to feel like I was going to die.

 I'll post a Ghost Rider piece when I actually do the work. I need some practice in that area.

After a bit of a breather, we quickly went over how to repurpose blacks on a page when the penciller asks for too much.

And the last thing we did before I threw in the towel was ink pictures in different styles.  The one on the left, even if it wasn't finished, would look a lot more appealing. It pops because the human eye recognises shape before detail. Cool, eh?

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